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We are looking for International Staff Support Families that can provide loving support and positive American Cultural interaction for international staff serving as summer staff at Wanake.
Here are the things international support families provide over the 10 week summer experience.  Staff can only leave camp for Saturdays.  They may leave on Friday evenings and must be back at camp to get ready for worship by 11:45 AM on Sundays.
International support families provide:
  1. Daily prayer for their staff member
  2. Typical American Cultural Experiences - 2 or 3 experiences over the course of the summer
  3. A place to relax and chill at your house - 3-4 times over the course of the summer
  4. When they are with their support family, please feed them or get them food. 
  5. Trips to stores as needed - The staff member pays for their purchases.
    1. To purchase essentials (Moody Mart is available for basic toiletries and essentials)
    2. For fun and as a cultural experience.
  6. An encouraging note at least every other week for a minimum of 5 notes over the course of the summer.
  7. Take them to church or get them to church at least 3-5 times over the course of the summer.  (They must be back at camp ready to start the new week by 11:45 AM.)
Amy Ecklund
Wanake Camp and Retreat Center
Assistant Director of Guest Services and Finance
9463 Manchester Ave. SW
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